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Scientific visualization software is used in virtually every branch of science. One use of this software is to develop and test theories. Astronomers, for example, use mathematical models to develop theories of how groups of stars form galaxies.

Artificial intelligence (AI) software software enables a computer to imitate the way a person solves complex problems. For example, a physician investigating an illness does not solve the problem by performing mathematical calculations. The physician instead applies his or her education, training, and experience to the problem.

Educational software helps students learn. Different types of educational software may display lessons, ask questions, or provide reference resources. Some programs create simulations of such experiences as dissecting a frog or flying an airplane. Educational software appeals to students because it is interactive-that is, a student's response determines what happens next.

Software suites are popular software packages that combine several types of software. A suite may contain word processing, spreadsheet, database, and graphics or presentation software; communications software for use with a modem; and an electronic calendar and address book. The programs in a suite work together, enabling the user to transfer information from, for example, a spreadsheet to a word-processing document, merely by pressing a few keys.


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